In 1953, the Aurora Public Library was built at 9901 East 16th Avenue in response to the community's need for a larger library facility. The land for the building was generously donated by the volunteer fire department. A unique and beautiful library was designed by architect Victor Hornbein, and fifty years later, after Aurora Libraries had long since outgrown the facility, Red Delicious Press was granted the privilege of using it as a place of art and creativity.

Here is a map to the Press, at 9901 E. 16th Ave, Aurora, Colorado:

The library building is a shining example of the Usonian architectural style, pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright. It has been in continuous use by the city of Aurora as a library, then as a reading room and city offices. Today it is the new home of Red Delicious Press, an artists' co-op that is part of a sweeping vision to establish an arts district in historic downtown Aurora.





Please drop by and take a look at this one-of-a-kind location, and check our schedule to find out when we're holding classes and events. Become a member of our co-op and join us in bringing real fine art printmaking to Aurora!